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About Us

Welcome to Avalon Limousine, the Main Line’s premier choice for exceptional chauffeured limousine service. Founded in 1999 and proudly based in Bryn Mawr, PA, a charming suburb of Philadelphia, our company has established a reputation for excellence, safety, and luxury in the ground transportation industry.

At Avalon Limousine, we specialize in providing top-tier transportation services that cater to a diverse clientele. Our commitment to safety and reliability makes us the preferred choice for students at prestigious institutions like Villanova University, Bryn Mawr College, and Eastern University. We understand the importance of secure and dependable travel for our young scholars, ensuring their journeys are as seamless as their academic pursuits.

We are also honored to serve the esteemed residents of Waverly Heights and Beaumont House, offering comfortable and accessible transportation solutions for our elderly clients. Whether it’s a leisurely outing, a medical appointment, or any personal errand, our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of every individual with the utmost care and respect.

Our Team

Natalia Alkurdi

President and CEO

Jasmine Torres

Director of Sales and Marketing

Noor Elliot

President of Global Travel

Sasha Meier

Director of Accounting

George Kasim

Managing Director

Oliver Björk

Chief Chauffeur Coordinator

Our Vision

Founded by Natalia Alkurdi, Avalon Limousine is a manifestation of our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction. Guided by a vision that transcends traditional transportation, we aspire to redefine the very essence of travel. Under Natalia’s leadership, our team of skilled chauffeurs and dedicated support staff endeavors to transform each journey into more than just a ride—it becomes a cherished, unforgettable part of your day. At Avalon, our vision is not merely to drive; it’s to set new standards for excellence in travel.

Our Mission

Our mission at Avalon Limousine is to revolutionize airport transfers with unparalleled reliability and precision. Specializing in journeys to major airports and esteemed private FBOs like Philadelphia’s Atlantic Aviation, we ease the stress of travel by prioritizing seamless, timely, and hassle-free experiences. Whether for business or leisure, our dedication to precise scheduling and route planning ensures you arrive with time to spare. With extensive expertise in navigating airport complexities, our professional team guarantees every aspect of your journey is handled with care

Our Values

At Avalon Limousine, we uphold a dedication to seamless urban exploration, serving as your gateway to the vibrant streets of New York City. Our commitment extends beyond mere transportation; it’s about transforming daily tasks, such as shopping excursions and doctor’s visits in NYC, into hassle-free experiences. As with our mission and vision, we strive to redefine your expectations, providing unparalleled comfort and reliability in every journey, making Avalon Limousine your trusted partner for sophisticated urban travel.

Let's See

Experience Avalon Limousine’s professionalism firsthand. Explore our exceptional rides, hear from satisfied customers, and get acquainted with our skilled drivers who ensure every journey is executed with precision and professionalism.

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Your Journey Our Commitment

In choosing Avalon Limousine, you’re selecting a partner who cares about your journey as much as you do. We’re not just providing a ride; we’re offering peace of mind, a commitment to excellence, and a dedication to creating memorable experiences, one ride at a time.

Always on time

Reliable drivers, planning ahead of passenger schedules, anticipating traffic, foresight in every transfer and timely adjustment to unpredictability.

The extra mile

Enthusiastic and service driven chauffeurs, dependable technology, proactive teams, constant pursuit to accommodate requests.


Dedicated to ensure quality, actively engaged in passenger and employee’s wellbeing and best interests, daily pledge to client satisfaction.


Experienced drivers who are alert to their surroundings, urban grid and interstate road knowledge, new, clean and properly maintained vehicles.

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